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How to be active on LinkedIn

I joined LinkedIn in 2014 and became an active member in 2017 because I didn't know how

to be active on the platform. When I became on organization coach, I was told that being an active
member on LinkedIn will help gain more clients and be seen for what I do. I got my first coaching 

client in 2018 from LinkedIn and I got to collaborate with people I met on LinkedIn on some 

projects. Initially, it wasn't easy to be active because I did not know what to do but I started out by:

- Following people who had similar profile, 

- Writing posts and articles about what I do, my experiences, positive affirmations,

- Reading articles on coaching, team work, psychology,

- Commenting on peoples post to share my point of view, celebrate their achievements and get more clarity on the post,

- Publishing posts about my interests ( in gaining more clients, collaborations on projects etc.),

- Connecting with people by having private chats with them.

After a while, I moved back to the UAE from Nigeria and got a job request on LinkedIn because

they had gone through my profile and wanted me to work for them.

When people express their inability to become an active member on LinkedIn, I share these steps I

took and it helps them in their own way.


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    1. Hello Stella, I'm really grateful for your comment and I'm glad you found the post useful. As for increasing your LinkedIn connection, I'd suggest you search for people based on your similarities (career, goals, colleagues etc.) I won't encourage buying of connections except for business related reasons but overall there's something good about building your connections organically. You can check out more career posts

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