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Selena's recent hair do

Nothing to see here: Less than 24 hours after having the world think she had undergone a dramatic hair transformation, Selena Gomez stepped out as if it never happened at WE Day California in Inglewood on Thursday

Just after posting a polaroid of her hair and making people believe she did the big chop, she was seen
rocking her shoulder length hair which is amazing by the way. More pictures below
Got wiggy with it: The day before the singer posted a Polaroid of herself on Instagram that made it appear like she had chopped off and dyed her hairMatchy, Matchy: The songstress dressed to the day's blue theme wearing a blue and white checked two pieceThat's better: While the pop star's hair is now not the long wavy style it used to be, on Thursday her locks were back to the collar-bone grazing style she has had for the better part of this year


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