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6 ways to salvage your hair after getting caught in rain

hi ladies, we all know that feeling of getting a very fabulous hair do and forgetting to check the weather forecast only to get another surprise hair do by the rain ( i mean, i have experienced it so many times). i will like you to
go through this write up.
 Don’t assume your hair will be okay after the rain. In fact, there is a lot of debate on whether rain water is good or bad for the hair. You see, it is assumed to be the purest and safest form of soft water. However, people generally suffer from some form of hair problems after getting rained on.
If you get caught up in such a scenario, these tips could help you:
Avoid rain if possible: Always have adequate protection during the rainy season. Cities like Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu, among others, commonly have acid rain especially the early first showers, which are full of harmful pollutants.
Simplicity: Try and stay simple in the rainy season. A simple bun or ponytail is easy because you either dress them up or down and it will not be easy for anyone to know that the rain almost got the best of you. When you get rained on, and your hair gets wet, apply a serum as soon as you get home to control frizz. Serum gives the hair moisture.
Once you have smoothed it through the hair, pull your hair up and wrap it up from the base and allow it to dry as a bun. The bun keeps the hair tamed. A mousse could also help. Apply it on your hair and air dry it to give it shine and texture.
Cleansing: After being rained on, cleansing will keep your hair healthy, frizz-free and tangle-free. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove toxins. For better results, soak some Neem leaves (known for anti-bacterial properties) in lukewarm water then use this water to wash your hair. Neem also prevents fungal infections and dandruff. If you don’t have Neem, you could use a herbal shampoo.
Conditioning: After the rain, your hair needs to be conditioned, especially to tame frizz. Mix eggs and natural yoghurt for a natural deep conditioning for your hair. It is also a great way to tame the overpowering frizz. You can also use a mixture of olive oil and eggs. Beat them into a thin consistency and apply on your hair.
Products: Avoid using too many styling products during this time. Avoid heat or chemicals that could damage your hair. Instead, use leave-in conditioner to control frizz. Using many products will lead to product build up, which will easily attract more dirt and moisture.
Hair cut: Get regular hair cuts or trims during the rainy season so as to avoid split ends. This also keeps your hair healthy and looking good.
Drying: The rainy season comes with a bit of humidity that could speed up the breeding of bacteria in the hair. This results in scalp infections. It is, therefore, important to dry your hair completely. Towel dry hair gently or let it dry naturally if you have time. If time is not on your side, blow-dry it but ensure you apply a protective spray to minimise hair damage. The heat should also be at its lowest.


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