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the perfect hair colour for pale skin

While eavesdropping at the salon, we've been hearing colorists talk a lot more about "champagne blonde" hair. Initially, we thought someone was offering us aglass of bubbly. But it turns out that this is an actual trend. 

According to Redken master and Cutler NYC colorist David Stanko, clients who want to be blonde are continually looking to tweak their highlights or overall blonde color. "Historically, these clients have requested a cool or golden blonde, either as highlights or a single-process shade. Now there's an in-between option that we call 'champagne blonde,'" he says.
Stanko likes to imagine this shade as a Kir Royale cocktail or rosé wine because of the soft, pink-y cast it gives to the blonde. "It's very subtle but just noticeable enough to look fresh and new," he says.
Celebrity colorist and salon owner Rita Hazan believes that individuals with pale skin tones can pull off champagne blonde hair effortlessly. Stanko co-signs this, saying that Taylor Swift is a great representative of why it works. 
"Her naturally, medium blonde hair, light-colored eyes and porcelain complexion with soft pink undertones are ideal for showcasing the shade," he explains. Not to mention, it creates the illusion of an all-over glow similar to a bronzer or faux tanner. 

Profile shot of Taylor Swift's champagne blonde hair at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. 

The two hair pros wouldn't recommend champagne blonde to clients who have yellow or orange undertones in their complexions or those with olive skin tones, as the colors will clash with the hair and look unflattering.
As far as color maintenance goes, Stanko points out that blondes have very specific needs. "Their hair can lack volume or have a fragile texture. Their hair also needs conditioning, but nothing that will weigh the hair down," he says.
Hazan suggests visiting your colorist for touch-ups every 6-8 weeks. And to minimize fading, Stanko advises using sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and this blow-dry primer treatment cream that nourishes hair while protecting it from heat-styling damage.
Has this convinced you to go champagne blonde? Scroll down for hair color and style inspiration straight from Pinterest!
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