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Hello beautiful people, i will be posting frequently asked questions on hairstyles, hair care and then answers to the question and some useful links as well so if you have ever wished you could get
answers to some questions, you might be lucky to see the answers here. feel free to contact me if you have any question.

1) Q: What hair style will give me the youthful look?
    A: when it comes to getting a youthful look, opt for fringe. most preferably, full fringe but side fringe is also good.

2) Q: My thick, straight hair gets frizzy no matter what I do. I have never had it dyed, highlighted, or relaxed. I shampoo and condition once a day, and I rarely use blow-dryers or irons. What can I do? 
    A: Some people think that leaving their regular conditioner in the hair instead of rinsing it out can prevent frizz, but that will actually dry out the hair. Instead, use a frizz-fighting cream, such as Rene Furterer Myrrhea Anti-frizz No Rinse Silkening Fluid. It's heavier than a serum, so it will coat the hair and weigh it down to prevent frizz. blow-dry your hair smooth with a big round brush; a natural boar-bristle brush is better than a nylon one, which just rips through the hair and can make it fuzzy. Work your way from the bottom layers up—otherwise, you risk making the top frizz. You're better off not flat ironing your hair every day, because it can cause damage. But if it's humid, zip a flat iron through the hair to make it look silky

3) Q: "Is there a way I can make my hair grow faster?"
    A: An over-the-counter supplement called Viviscal is a great fashion secret.

4) Q: I'm trying to grow my hair long, but I get a lot of split ends. How can I get rid of them without losing length?
   A: Every 10 to 12 weeks, ask your stylist to trim just the split ends—some will even do it as part of a blowout. I know every product in the world claims to repair split ends, but that's really hard to do. Plus, a lot of those products are so heavy, and there's nothing worse than greasy split ends. I prefer leave-in creams. Rub a little bit just over the split ends to hold them together temporarily. That should last for about six hours, so carry the cream in your purse for touch-ups."

5) Q: Is it possible for an African American woman to have waist-length hair without extensions? I have been trying to grow mine and it stays about shoulder length, every black woman I know can only seem to grow it so long before it stops. If it is possible how can I go about getting natural, waist-length hair?

 A: I understand your desire for long hair, but I'm afraid that the lengths to which hair will grow is determined genetically. Some people's hair grows to a certain length and stops. It has to do with the length of the hair's growth phase which is different for each individual hair follicle.
 The average growth cycle of a hair follicle lasts three to five years, but can be as short as 2 years or as long as 10 years in rare cases. After the growth phase, the hair enters a resting phase, then a shedding phase, then the cycle repeats and starts over

6) Q:How does one get his afro looking soft like the West Indies locks? Will Smith's son is sporting the hair on his debut film role.

 A: Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, is sporting his hair natural in the film, The Pursuit of Happyness, with his father. The softness and texture of Jaden's hair is largely due to his age and the hair's natural softness and curl. As a person grows up and matures, his hair will typically grow coarser and thicker.

7) Q: some weaves i could use for fringe that are not really expensive and will be great for fringe in Nigeria
  A: i will recommend lady star, rainbow lady,nature, chocolate weaves. these should do.

8) Q: How many times a week can an African-American woman flat iron her hair?
A:  If the African-American woman has taken proper care of her hair and it is healthy and in good condition, AND if the right styling products and appliances are used in the proper manner, then she can flat iron her hair every day as needed to keep the style she desires. The flat iron should be only as hot as is necessary to create smooth straight hair. Any excess heat can cause damage to the hair by leeching away moisture.

  9) Q: why is it important to wear hair net to bed?
      A: I have to say firstly, i dont think black women are the only ones who do this. but a lot of women 'wrap' their hair because they dont want to lose the straightness or curls they have spent a fortune in time and money to get, so it is a lot easier to maintain with a scarf. also, if your hair is braided then it  also protects the shape and mats down splits ends

10)  Q: Why are black women so worried about getting their hair wet?
       A: Good question. It’s also a good time to mention that Black women generally don’t wash their hair every day. Largely because of shrinkage and it’s simply not good for the texture of the hair. There’s been a lot of talk in the mainstream media too about how it’s probably not a good idea for anyone to do so but that’s something you should probably take up with the experts. The reality is because of the maintenance in terms of time and money, and the nature of the hair, most Black women’s hair would shrink tremendously and the quality of the hair would diminish. Again, however, I must stress that Black women all have different kinds of hair, textures, etc. It is really difficult to speak for everyone.

Those are some of the frequent questions people ask. click the following links to read more. LINK LINK

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