Sunday, 13 August 2017

Amazing! Hairdresser transforms depressed teens hair for school picture

Credits: Facebook/KayleyOlsson

A hairdresser has won thousands of fans after sharing a heartwarming story of one of her clients: a teenage girl struggling with severe depression.

Kayley Olsson, from Iowa in the USA, shared photographs of the 16-year-old's incredibly matted hair on her Facebook page and told how the girl had asked her to "cut it all off".
Admitting she was "heartbroken" when the girl described herself as "worthless" and explained how she had stopped brushing her hair, Kayley decided to help her out instead of shaving it.
The young woman subsequently spent 13 hours over the next two days fixing the girl's hair and making it beautiful for her school pictures.
Credits: Facebook/KayleyOlsson
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