Saturday, 17 June 2017

The healthy hair journey

This beautiful lady gracing All Hair Makeover blog decided to share some useful hair tips with us... trust me, it is worth reading. My goodness, her hair tho!!

My Hair Regimen - by Sarah Obi-Azubuike

My hair is texlaxed and I'm loving it. It's thick and yet still easy to comb. Above all it's healthy and growing per second.

Retouching routine
I relax every five months and I always ensure to do a deep conditioning at least a week before I relax the hair so as to strengthen it. I add coconut oil to the relaxer to dilute the relaxer's chemical
concentration and also fortify the hair with nutrients. I partition the hair into four segments. I apply the relaxer to only the undergrowth as fast as possible then I wash out with a neutralizing shampoo. I follow up immediately with a deep conditioning. After which I wash out, apply a conditioner then do a final rinse. Then I apply oils and butters to seal in the moisture. more below

Weekly deep conditioning routine
Aside from the retouching period, I try to do a deep conditioning every weekend when I'm carrying my natural hair.
 So far, my best deep conditioning mixture is Mayonnaise + honey + coconut oil + baking soda + milk + ACV. It makes my hair feel so silky and soft. I divide my hair into four sections. Apply the deep conditioning mix and leave it in for an hour, wash off, apply conditioner and leave for five minutes, pour a mixture of ACV and water in a ratio of 1:8. Then I comb out and rinse with cold water. Afterwards, I Wrap up in a towel and pat dry. I apply my oils to the scalp and massage for a few minutes then I apply oils and butters to the entire hair, concentrating more on the tips.

Daily routine
For easy of access and uniformity, i section my hair into four parts and work on each section at a time. I spritz my hair with my water & ACV mix. Thereafter, using my finger tips i apply oils to my scalp and massage for a few minutes. This is followed by applying oils and butters to the entire hair to seal in the moisture. Then I comb out gently from the tips and work my way gradually up to the roots. I ensure to apply excess shea butter on any tangle I come across and then I gently detangle using my fingers.
I ensure to always sleep with my satin bonnet to avoid the friction which leads to hair breakage.

For my twist out and braid out, I apply my flax seed gel to the sectioned hair (just to dampen, never dripping wet) followed by oils to seal in the moisture. I twist/braid the hair then use perm rods to roll the tips. I cover up with my satin bonnet which I sleep with every night. The next day it usually is perfectly air dried. I apply butters to my finger tips and then gently loosen each row. The results are perfect bouncing curls which I style as desired.

Hair Products
There was a lot of experimenting before I discovered what my hair likes and dislikes. I was once a hair products junkie but then I've fallen in love with all things natural. I found out they are cheaper, work faster with exceptional results and above all, it's the healthiest way to go.  So, here we go...i present to you my current hair products:
1. ORS Shampoo
2. ORS Conditioner
3. Coconut oil
4. Castor oil
5. Olive oil
6. Lavender oil
7. Tea tree oil
8. Rosemary oil
9. Oliganum (frankinscense) oil
10. Apple cider vinegar
11. Shea butter
12. Mango butter
13. Satin bonnet
14. Flax seeds


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    1. hi, thank you for your comment. This is a guest post but i will surely request for a video from her. Hopefully she agrees.