Thursday, 22 June 2017

(Nigeria) When throwback hairstyles are trending

Lets take a journey down memory lane shall we?
Funny enough most of the hairstyles we keep claiming are outdated are actually trendy. They only got
better. You still think i am wrong? have a look at these hair dos..

The picture above on the left is when ladies rocked 'puff puff' hair do but now they still do but call it bantu knot. It is now stylish. Rihanna can testify to that.

Do you remember when some schools made the female students wear 'all back' hair do and most students complained about it? 
 well, most adults these days still wear all back hair do but call it cornrow

Lets not forget about the two rough bun we rocked as kids

Guess what, adults still rock it

Erm, i remember that common style... shuku (braided ponytail)

well, Keri Hilson decided to try it

send your famous childhood hair styles to

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