Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Salon experience (In Nigeria)

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Cool story by Joamber

I went to the salon to wash my hair , i was speaking Hausa to a friend ( on phone) when i walked in, next thing, one lady told her friend that i was speaking 'ede mallam' ( joamber don suffer). I kept my cool, took off my scarf and the other lady started describing the shape of my big head in yoruba, dey
said my head is like 'agbon', my goshi (forehead) like Rihanna. (they stroke me finish sha). All the while i kept quiet, after drying my hair, I brought out my phone and i started having a fake conversation with an Ibadan accent, the look on their faces was priceless...

yeah I forgot i dint pay her for my hair she was too embarrassed to collect money

whats your salon experience like? feel free to share your funny, weird, exciting and interesting stories... you can send your stories to

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