Sunday, 28 May 2017

FAQ on hair

Hello, how are you all doing? I went through the FAQs on mega growth's site and it was interesting
to see so many hair questions people have and the helpful answers for them. Your question could just be one of these....

How can I get my hair to grow?
There are usually both internal and external factors that impact normal hair growth, like hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, excessive heat styling, over-processing, HBP medication, etc…. However, most times hair is actually growing, but, with breakage and split ends normal growth isn’t noticeable. Your primary objective should be to prevent hair breakage. Use products to increase “slippage” and detangling, avoid heat styling whenever possible, and don’t pull or stretch wet hair which is more prone to “pop”, and keep hair conditioned for better elasticity.
What can I do for my dry hair & scalp?
Dry hair & scalp really begins with genetics, diet, water intake, climate & overall general health condition! But, you can take measures that help, Avoid using products that clog pores and inhibit natural sebum secreted down hair shaft, use a light daily moisturizer or leave-in conditioner, wrap hair at night, because friction on linens is drying and don’t use sponge rollers that rob hair of moisture.
I’m going through menopause, what can I do for my dry hair & scalp?
Menopause can cause abnormal hair thinning and shedding. Hormones play a major role in the health of our hair & scalp. Again, a vitamin and mineral enriched diet, increased circulation and daily water intake will help.
Can the medication I take affect my hair?
Yes, medications can have an impact on your hair texture and how it responds to hair products.
Can shampooing with very hot water damage my hair?
Yes, because it can physically remove natural oils deep in the hair shaft and irritate your scalp. Warm water is best when shampooing, and use slightly cooler water for your final rinse.
Can I condition my hair too much?
Yes, the hair can be overly conditioned and lead to limp and “lifeless” hair. Over-conditioning can weight the hair down by coating the surface of the hair. This can impede proper styling and the impact ability of the hair to “hold a curl”.  Select quality, light-weight products that don’t clog pores or cause build-up issues.
It is bad to switch from relaxed hair to “natural” hair styles frequently?
No, not as long as hair is conditioned well, ends are clipped regularly and hair is not kept under “tension” in tight braids or a tight weave for long periods of time.
I use well water at home… hard water damaging and does it affect the overall condition of hair and scalp?
Most quality hair care products include ingredients that counteract high harsh mineral deposits from water.  However, hard water may interfere with the color signal feature during the relaxer neutralization process.  If relaxer crème was rinsed well from the hair, and hair was shampooed over 3 times and shampoo foam still had a pinkish color, high mineral content in the water, may be the culprit!

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