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What you need to know before using lace wigs

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one of the hair related thing i am afraid of is lace wig. Okay don't get me wrong, they are beautiful but i prefer wearing them without the glue, why? because i still love my edges, As "TheWigDR," Clay highly recommends the custom made glue-free frontal wigs.  They allow the individual to take on and off the wig 

without adhesive.  I have seen a lot of scary videos about lace wig and bad edges but then again, i see people who wear it and still have slaying edges. If you have the same fear, read this article i stumbled upon few minutes ago on the things you need to know about lace wigs.

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 While front lace wigs are extremely popular, it's important to know a few things to avoid hair damage.
"The first thing you need to know is they're not for everyone," said Lynn Clay, the founder of Hollywood Hair Extensions in Stafford. "If you choose to do it, seek a professional first and go from there. A certified and licensed professional will be able to tell you if you're a candidate for a lace wig. If you decide to do it on your own, make sure you find a detachable lace wig you can take on and off.Doing the installation yourself can be dangerous, with improper techniques potentially causing scarring, hair loss and follicle damage among other things.      

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