Sunday, 2 April 2017

Mega growth relaxer undergoes changes

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So my mom and i have been using Mega growth relaxer for quite some time now, to the extent that i had to take some to Dubai last year so i wont have to change my relaxer. When i came back to Nigeria in January, my mom was talking about how scarce the relaxer is, fortunately we were in
shoprite and we saw the last kit, with excitement we grabbed it. On getting home we discovered a few changes, it used to be six in the pack but now four  which is quite sad, it is more expensive (well everything in Nigeria became expensive when i got back) am i the only one concerned about the changes????  and the conditioner is to be left in according to them which caused my mom's hair to itch after some time and to be honest i am a bit scared to use it. In the salon someone said another woman who used the product had the same reaction and my mom had to wash out the curls because she was already curling her hair. my advice, wash out the conditioner but if you have used it and left the conditioner in and it dint give any issues, thank God for you.

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