Saturday, 10 September 2016

Other uses of Gram Flour

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Let me tell you a little story, few hours ago, I woke up craving pancakes so I went to the kitchen to make it but as I was mixing the ingredients, it was having a different colour. I thought it was because
of the extra milk I added but after making one, it tasted a lot different from the pancakes I make. After checking the flour, I discovered it was another type of flour, Gram flour or Besan flour which is the hindi kind of beans flour.
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 I started reading up other ways to use the flour and I saw that it is very good for the hair and skin when used as mask. well, I cant be in shock alone! in case someone out there doesn't know what to do with his/her gram flour, thank me later. Read more HERE

Image result for besan flour for hair

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