Saturday, 17 September 2016

Boy donates hair to make wigs for child cancer patients

Thomas Moore holds the hair he cut off for cancer patients.

Wow! what a kind heart!
A10-year-old boy in the US is being praised for a hair-raising act of kindness that has gone viral online.Thomas Moore, from Maryland, noticed his mother watching a video about a five-year-old girl who had lost her hair during chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Moved by the effects of the treatment, Thomas decided to grow his hair long to give it to the little girl. "He didn’t set a time frame for how long he would grow his hair for, he just wanted it to be long enough to make the girl feel happy," Thomas’s aunt, Amber Lynne, told BuzzFeed.
“It started off just fine when his hair was shorter,” she said. "But as the afro grew, they had to cornrow it to keep it nice and tame."
Two years on, Thomas has finally had his hair cut, providing enough hair to make three wigs for children with cancer.  Read more HERE
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