Saturday, 6 August 2016

My sister's hair journey

So my beautiful sister is gracing my blog with her healthy hair and sharing some tips with you guys. :) These are some of the questions i asked her, so get ready for
some hair transformation as you take her advice.

  How long have you been maintaining your hair?  -For about 8 months

Hair products?  - kids organics olive oil and Shea butter conditioning shampoo, kids organics conditioner.
kids organics olive oil and soy moisturiser, kids organics gro strong hair cream

Relaxer? - dark and lovely regular strength relaxer

For hot oil treatment?  - JBCO castor oil + olive oil + tea tree oil + kids organics hair oil (mixed)

Why did you choose to relax your hair? - because  I felt like

Any hair advice? - wash your hair regularly (once or twice a week). Do the hot oil treatment at least once in 2-3 weeks. Deep condition regularly. Avoid frequent manipulation of the hair. For heat styling, make sure to use heat protecting spray.

As you can see, she has adorned her hair with AHM head wrap :)

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