Thursday, 18 August 2016

Let's play a 'hair' game guys

Here's what a man's haircut says about him

Hey guys, i found this on and i wonder how accurate it is.

The buzz cut

Perhaps one of the easiest hair cuts, the buzz is a sharp style that is no longer relegated to the military ranks. But despite its low-maintenance status, it is a no-nonsense cut that might just have people thinking you’re more intense than laid back as well as diligent, active, and
practical. You also may have others believing that you are no stranger to rigid schedules built around boot camps, Crossfit, and a triathlon or two. After all, this military-esque look leaves you with plenty of time for extra miles and bench presses. That said, the buzz is also a great cover-up if you have thinning hair to which the aforementioned personality traits may not apply.

The side part

Confident young business man, style, haircut
A side part | Source: iStock
A look inspired by the ’50s and ’60s, the side part is a fairly predominant, classic style that manages to stay current and contemporary. It may be one of most versatile ’dos as it can be worn with long or shorter hair, and it can walk both a conservative and a slightly bolder line. But, all in all, it’s a pretty safe style, which is to say that your personality may follow suit. Wholesome, conventional, and responsible — maybe a bit predictable, that is until you decide to take your side part to the wilder side by sweeping longer strands to one side and chopping an undercut on the other.

The Afro

African American young man with an afro
An afro | Source: iStock
The glorious ’fro is not a ’do for any sort of shrinking violet. You celebrate the slightly wild side of your strands, and your personality is just as colorful. Let’s just say you bring the party wherever you go, and you are likely a natural comedian. Everyone gravitates toward you, and you’re always the first to hit the dance floor. Those with a shaped Afro or a modern hi-top fade a la Will Smith in his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air heyday may be even more apt to be the center of attention for their larger than life personalities — and equally statement-making, shaped ’fros.

The slick back

One of the cockiest of male hairstyles, the slick back may be a timeless classic, but it’s garnered a current reputation of show-off — and possibly slimy (and not just for the extra gloss of pomade product that’s almost always visible). The wearer may be a bit high-maintenance while being accustomed to getting attention and getting what he wants — or doing whatever it takes to get it.

The new testament

man with a beard and long hair
A man with long hair | Source: iStock
Long, flowing New Testament locks might have all sorts of biblical connotations. But what that below-the-shoulders hair is really saying is that you’re a hipster, you fly by the seat of your pants, and you make no excuses for it. Offbeat and creative, maybe even with an adventuring wilderness streak, the long Goldilocks guys have just enough chutzpah to push the envelope, while also riding a wave of lackadaisical, devil-may-care flair. This certainly is not a personality type that takes anything too seriously.

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