Monday, 29 August 2016

Kim Kardashian's wet hair look at the 2016 VMAs

High fashion, wet-hair looks make sense at the beach or in editorial, like magazine covers or spreads. Wet head looks on the red carpet are fairly implausible, because hair will eventually air dry. Kim Kardashian did the wet hair look at the 2016 VMAs and her strands somehow miraculously maintained the slick vibe throughout the ceremony. How did
Mrs. Kanye West keep her coif looking wet at the 2016 VMAs?
Well, my first guess was that she has people for that. Like there has to be an assistant in her glam squad tasked solely with misting Kardashian's follicles and keeping that moist look in tact for the entire evening. Or perhaps her husband Kanye West had a squirt bottle in his pocket and touched up her hair during the commercial breaks?
Nah, Kim Kardashian's hair wasn't even wet. It was actually the work of good product. Bustle received an email revealing all of the secrets of Karadshian's soaked look strands. Celeb stylist Michael Silva created the reality star's 'do by using Kenra Professional items and hair tools by ghd. Silva said that he and Kardashian wanted a "fresh look" that was about "perfecting and enhancing her natural texture." Their ultimate goal was a "a continuation of summery, beach beauty."

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