Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How to install hand sewn closure

So I was in my bed minding my business when I remembered I have a mannequin. I got it out of the bag and started thinking of what to do with it and I realised that I could make a hand sewn closure for my weave. This post has steps in getting the hand sewn closure done. In case you don't have a closure for your weave and you want to make one, you can go through the steps in this post. This is one of
the ways, there are other ways like applying glue, sewing it round but i decided to make the one with a visible part because, well, i like it. It looks like a wig but i dint sew every part of the wig cap. after installing the closure, i wore the cap and installed it on my hair so it wont fall off. More pictures below.

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