Wednesday, 3 August 2016

All about curls in this exclusive interview

I am sure y'all are familiar with the saying 'curly hair rocks', it really does but then it gets so annoying to see curls that are not properly cared for or when it does not really suit the person. I landed on an instagram page for curly hair and i fell in love
instantly with the page. Apparently the lady blogs about curly hair (cool right?) In this exclusive interview, she talked about her passion for curly hair, shared some tips and lots more.

Why did you choose to blog about curly hair?
Ever since I was little I struggled with my curls. I always used to straighten my hair because I didn’t know how to handle my curls. Until one year ago when I got my big chop. I started experimenting with new methods and products. I learned to embrace my curly hair. I know that there are many people still struggling with their hair and I want to help these people by passing my curly love on to them. 
How do you think it will inspire other ladies?
I hope by giving advice and showing how pretty curls are I can inspire other ladies to go natural and be happy with their curly hair. I think it is inspiring to see how others love their hair and I hope that it will inspire other ladies to learn how to love their curls as well. Because curls are the bomb! ;-)

if there is one product or tool a curly head shouldn’t be without what should it be?
Coconut oil! It helps to grow your hair longer, thicker and faster. It nourishes the scalp and it helps to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles. In my opinion a curly girl should always use coconut oil on their hair because it has such positive effects.

any tips for curly hair?
Keep your hair moisturized! It will prevent breakage and frizz. For more tips you can visit my blog 

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