Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nengi's natural hair journey so far

Hi dearies, it has been great joy so far getting feed backs from ladies that are happy with the testimonies of other ladies natural hair journey. The interesting part of it is that not all ladies have the same advice or testimony to share which means that if someone tries a particular product or goes on a particular natural hair journey and does not work out fine, there are other roads to take and other
products to try. Pretty Nengi also wants to share great natural hair tips. What is so fascinating about her testimony is that at the beginning of the interview, she thought as a beginner she may not have a testimony to share but it ended up being a very sound one.

Her hair journey: My hair is 1 year 6months.

Advice: hahaha, it's to early for me to give advises though cause i am still discovering my hair. But since i carried it for 2 months(braids) and i could see the growth i will say low manipulation essential. I was not using any special cream or anything on the hair only when i felt the scalp was dry. so basically, avoid touching the hair always and do more of protective styles.

Best protective style: So far i have tired only braids but will be doing crotchet next. ( oiling the scalp after a hot shower works)

her protective style

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