Sunday, 3 July 2016

Hair products review

This is not a sponsored post, i am just posting this review based on some of the hair products i have used that aided the growth of my hair.
I used dark and lovely kits to relax my hair for about 8 years and it was really good. The relaxer was not painful (well I can say that about the kits and not the single cup) and i dint end up with burns
neither did my hair cut after a while. I will recommend this for those with sensitive scalp although the have the relaxers for soft, regular and tough hair.

Mega growth is also another hair product that aided the growth of my hair, actually i had fuller and healthier looking hair after using the hair cream. I have used the relaxer twice and it is also a very good product but i am very use to the hair cream, shampoo and conditioner.

Pantene is also good, it gives a sleek looking hair (at least for me and pantene models)
Kids organics was one of the hair cream i used back in the day and it helped my hair look healthy as well.

Vatika dandruff hair cream works like magic. (there was a moment in my life it was needed)
That is all i can remember for now but currently, i use Mega growth and pantene. I am really considering going natural and if i do i will definitely use argon oil.

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