Monday, 27 June 2016

How to get more than 30 different hair styles in a year

Going through my pictures few hours ago made me realise how much i have switched my hairstyles within a year. The interesting thing about this post is that most of these styles were not so expensive to achieve. For instance, the Five pictures above which includes curly side part, middle part, side
fringe, ponytail and all back weave style were achieved by the use of 4 bundles of remy hair. all i did was switch the styles after 3 weeks.

The big braids picture and side swept braid picture above surprisingly was done with the same braiding extension. I had a conversation with a friend of mine who argued that expression braiding extension wasn't good and doesn't last. As a way of proving otherwise to her i had the big braids done first, carried it for about two weeks and later got the side swept braids. I did both styles myself.
This hair is called chocolate hair. 8 inches black colour. it looks and feels so much like natural hair. The style in the first picture is side part and in the second it is all back.

With my black braiding extension i was able to get two cornrow hairstyle which lasted about two weeks and with the same braiding extension i made a braided bun which can be seen in the second picture but it lasted about three days because i got tired of the style.

The picture above has the same hair do but different styles. this long braids can be seen styled in 6 ways. there are many other ways to style long braids

with the same braiding extension, i was able to get two straight cornrows and two banana cornrows.

 In the picture on the left, the hair is curly. I cant remember the name of this weave but it was bought curly and then the next picture has the same weave but i straightened it a bit.

This pictures were taken when i cut my hair about two weeks ago. the picture on the left shows my short straight hair and on the right i made it a bit wavy by braiding it a night before.

 Same braids but different styles

Same weave but different styles. middle part and side part

Same weaves but different styles, middle part, side part, all back weave. it is similar to the first picture on that this is the shorter length . (14 inches)
Same hair, different styles

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