Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Holiday hair beauty essentials to protect your locks from the heat and frizz

The heat, humidity and sea can wreak havoc on your hair and no one wants to have to fight the frizz factor, when you're trying to look your best on holiday.
Fear not! The Notebook beauty team have tried and tested the best products to protect your locks this summer, whether you want to embrace beachy waves, make sure your
colour doesn't fade or just need an extra bit of TLC.
Here are our holiday hair heroes to ensure you stay looking gorgeous.

Make waves

Bumble and Bumble Foam Spray Blowdry
Up your beach waves this year
"I like the tousled look I get from a regular “beach hair” salt spray, but this year I tried something new – this surf foam. It’s like a hybrid of a mousse and a spray, and makes my fine hair look thicker, with a beachy texture. The best part? It doesn’t feel crunchy." - Beauty writer Zoe

Brush strokes

Wet Brush Pro
No more knots
"The best brush ever for deknotting my rather fragile, over-dyed hair without snapping it off. And I love the cute new ice-cream colours for summer 2016." - Beauty ed Lynne

Small but powerful

Ego Essentials Kit.
Your blowdry kit essentials
"I can’t get over the dinky size of these gadgets or how much power they pack. Sure, some hotels do provide a decent dryer, but too many still have that useless big bendy tube thing which emits the most feeble guff of warm air in the world and guarantees me an entire week of crap hair. I will be taking no chances." - Beauty ed Lynne

Stay blonde

Provoke Colour Shampoo & Conditioner
Protect your colour all summer long
"It’s so hard to keep blonde hair looking bright and free from orange tones (or worse, green!) when you’re in the pool. I always use a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, and these bargain ones are my new faves for keeping my blonde clean." - Beauty writer Zoe

Sun-safe dry shampoo

Colab Dry Shampoo
Bonus in-built UV protection
"Dry shampoo is always useful on holiday for when my hair’s got greased up with suncream, and this is especially worth packing for the built-in UV protection which stops my ombre ends turning orange." - Beauty ed Lynne

All tied up

Kitsch Hair Ties
Get it off your face with these gentle-to-hair ties
"I don’t want to spend my precious beach time pushing hair off my face. These fun hair bands are soft and superstretchy, so they can handle the biggest, craziest mop without snagging, and they look so pretty on my wrist I always have a spare to hand." - Deputy beauty ed Octavia

Fuss-free detangling

Bed Head Tigi Beach Freak Spray
Spritz after leaving the pool or sea
"Salt water and chlorine may give enviable beach waves, but they’re a nightmare to brush out. Which is why I’ve been giving my hair a spritz of this, right after I get out of the pool. It makes my ends feel soft, and protects them from drying out in the sun." - Beauty writer Zoe

Leave-in hair healer

Vibrant Sexy Hair CC Hair Perfector
Leave in to get glossy locks
"This leave-in treatment had me at “for distressed hair”. It’s brilliant for whacking in before I tie my hair up into a bun and hit the sun lounger to snooze. Two hours later: down tumbles softer, smoother hair. The rose and almond oil scent just clinches it." - Beauty ed Lynne
source: mirror.co.uk

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