Wednesday, 4 May 2016

'Werewolf' girl covered in thick black hair due to rare condition lives 'like a recluse' to avoid bullies

Bithi Akhtar
A girl who suffers from a rare genetic condition known as 'werewolf syndrome' lives her life with a body that's completely covered in thick black hair.
Bithi Akhtar, who is 12-years-old, has been suffering from the condition since birth, but when she reached puberty it became more troubling.

Last year, the middle school student, who is from Tangail district in central Bangladesh, also had an abnormal growth spurt in her breasts.
Her mother, Beauty, 27, reports that by the end of the year they were so big that Bithi was not even able to stand up straight under the weight.
CatersBithi Akhtar
Bithi was born with the condition which has grown worse since puberty
Eventually Beauty was forced her daughter to stop going to school.
Her mother, Beauty Akhtar, 27, said: "My daughter was born with thick black hair that looked like wool all over her body.
"I think she got the 'disease' when she was in my womb.
CatersBithi Akhtar
Bithi Akhtar with mother Beauty and father Abdur Razzak who have pulled her from school
"We sought help from several doctors but no one could treat her completely. Although the hair stopped growing further long."

"But last year, she complained of pain in her chest.
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