Sunday, 22 May 2016

How to care for leave-out hair when wearing a weave

Weaves offer women a lot of versatility in form of colour and styling options. One can weave the entire head or leave out some hair to fit into their style of choice.
It is, however, important that we protect the leave-out hair just like we do the hair underneath the weave to prevent breakage. The amount of hair left out will depend on the weave you are wearing and the style.

So how do you prevent this hair from breaking?
Shampoo, conditioner: May sound weird but yes, the left out hair, however little, still need to be shampooed regularly. Use a product that is not harsh and ensure you massage your scalp using your fingers just like you would do when your hair is open.
You can then apply the shampoo on the weave by working your fingers down the hair to the ends. Always keep the weave hair as straight as possible to prevent knotting and tangling as you wash.
Treatment: Your scalp needs to be nourished. Use essential oils of your choice to feed the scalp. Apply the oil sparingly by placing oil on your fingertips and massage in. If you are wearing a human hair weave, you can apply the oil on it too.
TLC: Apart from cleansing, you must also carefully comb the leave-out hair to work the tangles out. Avoid combing or brushing the leave-out hair excessively. Tie a silk headscarf or cap at night to secure the hair. It is important to remember that the weave will eventually come out but your hair is with you for a long while.
Weave duration: While wearing the weave, the hair beneath it will grow about a half inch to one inch. The leave-out hair will grow too, but only if taken care of well.
Heat: As much as possible, do not press your leave-out hair (unless it is an extra special occasion). You are better off getting a weave that will blend with your natural hair without using heat. Rather than trying to make your hair blend with the extensions, make sure the weave works with your own hair.
Take great care of your leave-out hair to avoid rushing for emergency remedies when it is too late. Once the weave is out, allow a reputable hairdresser suggest the best course of action for your hair.

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