Monday, 9 May 2016

Harry Styles With Short Hair — Fans Lose It Over ‘First Photo’ Of Singer After Haircut

I have been patiently waiting for Harry to reveal his new hair look and luckily I dint have to wait too long. For those who wont understand why i have been waiting, the one direction singer chopped off his hair some days ago and we all know how great his curly hair was. It is painful but he still looks good.
Fans are DYING to see what Harry Styles, 22, looks like now that he’s chopped off his long, luscious
locks, but while we have no idea when he’ll reveal the ‘do, we can get a pretty good idea of how he’ll look from this new photo! A Twitter user performed the most EPIC face swap with the singer and totally had fans believing Harry had debuted a pic of his short hair. If you cant remember how nice his hair was see the pictures below.

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