Saturday, 16 April 2016

Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner hair colour for Coachella music festival

Taylor Swift Bleaches Her Hair
When Vogue asked “Who’s that girl?” on a cover featuring Taylor Swift’s shaggy bleached bob, they didn’t know they might set off a chain reaction that led to Taylor actually rocking a bleach-blonde bob the next day. But somewhere, we can bet Anna Wintour is delighted.
While unveiling the cover of Vogue‘s May issue on the Today Show Thursday, Wintour
said, “I’m thrilled that it’s Taylor Swift, who’s my co-chair this year at the Met Gala …And we very much wanted to give Taylor a new look, make her into a sort of a rock n’ roll chick.”
Mission accomplished! The star, who’s at Coachella to cheer on the third-night headliner (and her love of one year) Calvin Harris, leaned into the current celeb trend of Coachella hair changes (we see you, Hailey Baldwin and Vanessa Hudgens) by showing up in a superblonde shade. And how excited is she about it? So excited that she added a lightning bolt to her Instagram caption.

Kylie Jenner Orange Hair Coachella

Another day, another hair color for Kylie Jenner! She’s rocking orange locks for the Coachella music festival. Do you love her new look?

Kylie Jenner18, says she “started wigs” and now, she’s showing off a new one. On April 15, she posted some Snapchat videos of her new hair makeover — orange!
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