Monday, 18 April 2016

Reasons why you should get cornrow braids

Recently, someone searched 'should i get cornrow' on the blog. I will like to say that if you have any questions, feel free to either comment on any of the posts or you could contact me directly by using the 'chat now' button (visible on the web version of the blog). Anyway, I will give few reasons why
you should get cornrow braids.

1) Cornrow braids is a protective style, it protects your edges and still gives you a very beautiful look
2) Cornrows can be done in different sizes and styles which gives you a wide range of cornrow styles to choose from
3) There are different on-the-go cornrow styles i.e there are many easy and convenient cornrow styles that are not time consuming
4) Cornrow is widely recognised as a chic style
5) The style can be done on different face shapes so no one should feel left out
6) Cornrow is not just an African style anyone can get it
7) It can be done in different colours
8) Cornrow braids can either be French braids or Dutch braids
9) You could rock a cornrow style with weaves (half cornrow)
anyone can add why you think cornrow should be done if you feel like. more pictures below

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