Sunday, 3 April 2016

My new fringe wig look

ok by now everyone knows that when it comes to my hair i just cant keep my hands to myself (in Selena Gomez's voice), i got tired of wearing the afro wig when reality dawned on me that it was a costume wig (wearing a costume wig to get something downstairs) anyway, no more excuses, i
changed my wig because i wanted to :) this fringe wig has been with me for a year now, i got it in Nigeria and i have installed it on my hair thrice. (i install my wig to get the confidence that nothing/no one will remove it from my head). the wig is in layers because i love it when i flip it and it goes in bits. i will be changing my wigs frequently for sometime (maybe till the end of April) because i dont have so much time to install weaves or braid my hair for now and it will give me the opportunity to share different wigs with you guys. more pictures of the fringe wig below.

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