Monday, 4 April 2016

Durban women relaxed about hair apparent in survey

Durban women relaxed about hair apparent in survey
personally, i dont think there is any lady that will not consider her hair a huge part of her life / involve her hair in her daily life even if she is on low cut. 
 Vanity may be Hollywood star Al Pacino’s favourite sin, but not so for the women of
At least not according to a recent survey that has found Durban women to be “less vain” than their Capetonian counterparts.
The survey, commissioned by German cosmeceutical company Dr Wolff, has found that more than 75% of Cape Town women think their hair is a huge part of their lives. Here in Durban though, we appear to be a little more relaxed, with only 70% of us sharing the feeling
But it’s actually the dames of Johannesburg who imbue their hair with the least importance. Only 60% of them treasure their tresses.
A total of 505 women, aged 30 and older, participated in the survey, by Plus 94 Research, which also found that the majority of women in Cape Town think healthy hair will help them find a mate, whereas in Durban and Johannesburg men are looking for something else, if the women surveyed are to be believed.
Interestingly though, Durban women do have their minds on their manes – the survey shows they think about their hair more than anyone else, but don’t make it a priority.
Filipe Santana, of Santana Hair, said the survey was about right.
“I think, on the whole, Durban women are a bit more laid back, not being in a city as cosmopolitan as Cape Town.”
Santana said Capetonians were more image conscious. “Be it a good or bad thing,” he said.
Daniyel Berry, of Durban-based Style Me Image Consulting, said her local clients were typically “relaxed”. “When it comes to their hair, they want something really easy, not high maintenance.”
Contrary to the survey, Berry said her Cape Town clients were more relaxed than their Johannesburg counterparts but less relaxed than Durbanites.

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