Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Best hair masks to give your locks a post-winter boost

Spring is finally here (we think) and so it's time to give your hair a bit of a post-winter boost.
Feeling like your mane is looking a bit dull or frazzled? We've put four new masks and treatments to the test, so you can treat your locks to a pamper. Hello, shinier, bouncier
and more nourished looking hair!
For best results: shampoo, towel-dry, then apply your mask. Leave to sink in, then rinse out and condition with your regular conditioner.
Conditioner is only for the mid-lengths and ends, but a mask can be applied all over the hair, from the roots down. Comb it through with your fingers or a wet brush to cover every strand.
There’s some damage you can’t fix: split ends are not repairable and, like getting a ladder in your favourite tights, if you leave them they’ll just get worse and travelling further up your hair strand. Snip them off with regular trims, even if you’re trying to grow your hair for summer.

1. Superdrug Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment, £1.29

Superdrug Deep Conditioning Mask
This bargain buy really impressed our beauty ed and tester
Beauty ed says: One of two new masks in the sachet range (the other is anti-frizz: but I feel like this one should cover that too really). With manuka honey which sounds like a bad idea on hair, but turns out to be a good one. I just love this for when it’s miles to payday but I still want to do something treat-y.
Reader tester says: "Really nice – there’s plenty in the pack which is my usual gripe with sachets, as I have masses of hair. A short style would get two goes. My hair was easier to blow-dry and sleeker the next day – I had a good hair week, in fact." Ella Phillips, Hants
Score: 10/10

2. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Deep Treatment, £4.99

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moisture
Light enough to use twice a week or more
Beauty ed says: I’m already a big fan of the Miracle Moisture shampoo and conditioner, so my obsessive compulsive side loves having a full range that matches. This is light enough that I can use it twice a week or more – in fact, I probably use it more than the conditioner now. Light and lovely, though not an overnight dehydration cure.
Reader tester says: "I’ve used other 3 Minute Miracle products from Aussie (Shine and Frizz), but I actually like this one a little better. My hair was more lustrous and shiny straight after using it, and over two weeks I started to feel as if I actually have more manageable hair. One negative – I don’t like the strong smell." Jenny Porter, London
Score: 8/10

3. Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask, £19

Oway Hair Mask
Get bouncier, shinier, better-behaved hair
Beauty ed says: No, not a misprint of Olay – it stands for Organic Way. It’s a high price point with the added trickiness of being a little-known brand, so this had an uphill struggle to impress. But it did! The straggly, frazzly hair at the back of my head was genuinely improved and stayed smoother right up to my next wash.
Reader tester says: "After one use I was really impressed – I loved my shinier, bouncier, better-behaved hair. I had to wash it one day sooner than usual, so I’d use this once a fortnight probably, but the difference is brilliant." Sally Burton, London
Score: 8/10

4. Kérastase Discipline Masque Curl Idéal, £29

Kerastase hair Masque
Best if you have curly hair
Beauty ed says: Kérastase hair masks are legendary – some of the best-loved in the industry. This is all about the way curls move with you, with ‘hydrolized elastin’, a protein that claims to keep curls in their correct shape and encourage the bounce factor. For any hair from wavy to corkscrew.
Reader tester says: "I liked this, but wasn’t blown away, and for this price I want to be. My curls were well defined and a lot of people said my hair looked really nice the day after use, but I didn’t feel like the texture had changed." Freddie Foster, Northumberland
source: mirror.co.uk

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