Monday, 7 March 2016

Why everyone is talking about denim hair

Move over, mermaid manes. This season, everyone's embracing denim hair. The beauty blogging set has been convincing us to dye our locks a nice shade of stonewash.
Coming in the wake of dyed grey hair – a favourite fashion statement among the young and ironic – denim hair is more
faded than your conventional dip-dye job. Think subtle ombre, done with moody tones of iridescent blue, violet and smoky grey.
The trend draws its name from the light-blue wash that's synonymous with our old Levi's and Wranglers.
Remember Lea Seydoux in Blue Is The Warmest Colour? Denim hair is a lot like that, but even more washed out for a painterly effect. From faded sky-blue rinses to classic cerulean cuts and darker indigo washes, the #denimhair possibilities are endless.
Want to try it for yourself? If you're thinking of testing out the trend, start with light hair to bring out the subtleties in the dye. Vlogger Tasha Leelyn suggests making sure your hair is a light blonde or even white if you want the lighter denim rinses to show through.
You'll then need several shades of grey and blue hair dyes, colouring and washing them out a few times for that faded denim effect. If in doubt, leave it to the expertise of your hairdresser.


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