Thursday, 31 March 2016

Tips for healthy hair

Have you ever wondered how some ladies get their hair to be so long and healthy? well, read this tips on how to maintain a healthy looking hair.

1. Comb your hair gently after you are done conditioning it. It's easier to untangle the hair, but you have to be cautious at the same time. This is when a broad toothed comb will help.

2. Make sure you trim you hair once in 45 days to avoid split ends that damage the hair. This will also help your hair grow healthy.

3. Condition the ends well and stick to washing your hair maximum twice a week.

4. As you wash your hair rinse off the conditioner completely and then apply serum on damp hair.

5. But make sure you do not leave the house without drying your hair. By walking out with wet hair you will only attract dirt, which will damage your hair, making it rough.

6. Hair spa once a month is a must.

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