Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Hairstylist claims Pantene shampoo and conditioner made his client's hair SMOKE as he was bleaching it

Public service? Patrik Alan Simpson, a hairstylist at Mixed Elements Salon in Gambrills, Maryland, took to Facebook last week warn his followers of the alleged dangers of using Pantene shampoos and conditioners 

A hairstylist has claimed that his client's hair started to burn and smoke while she was getting her hair colored because she used Pantene shampoo and conditioner. 
Patrik Alan Simpson, a hairstylist at Mixed Elements Salon in Gambrills, Maryland, took to Facebook last week to warn others about the alleged dangers of the brand's hair care products
, which he claims create a waxy buildup that can melt during hair coloring, in a post that has since been shared more than 55,000 times.
'For the love of anything holy, please stop using this crap in your hair,' Patrik wrote in the message he titled 'Public Service Announcement'. 
Allegations: The hairstylist claims the brand's products create a waxy build-up that can start to burn when in contact with 'bleach or hi-lift color' 

Patrik, who has been doing hair for more than 20 years, according to the salon's website, went on to explain that he was doing a 'light blonde ombré' on one of his longtime clients when she came up to him only 10 minutes into the color processing to say her hair was 'burning'.
'I felt the foils and damn, nearly burned my fingers!' he claimed. 'I opened the packet and smoke comes billowing out...'
Patrik noted that he has been doing his client's hair color for 'several years with no issue ever', so he immediately asked her the 'usual questions', including if she was washing her hair with well water or on a new medication. 
However, he claimed the 'only thing' that was noteworthy was that she had used Pantene shampoo and conditioner. 
'This crap had plastic and silicones in it and when it comes in contact with a bleach or hi-lift color it reacts and the bleach will melt off the build up and becomes a very hot liquid and if it come in contact with skin it will cause a burn,' he claimed.
'I had two other clients in the past seven years that this crap called Pantene was the key factor in a serious situation,' he continued. 'If you are using it and plan to get color done, please throw it away and have your stylist do a detox to get rid of the deposits

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