Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fashionable yarn wrap hairstyles

I am sure a lot of ladies know about yarn braids, yarn twist but Have you tried "The Wrap?", it is fashionable too and also a good protective style for your edges. it could be done in various colours and to give it a kinda 'natural' look i will suggest you do it on a due hair (i mean not recently relaxed hair) so that it will have the 'locs' look otherwise it will be so neat and still beautiful but then again when it gets
old you will see the real beauty. *smiles*
The amount of thread or yarn you will need will depend on the type thread or yarn you use, the number of colors you select, the length of your hair and the number of wraps you create.
Before you start:
Cut the thread or yarn to the desired length. (If your hair is long, you may need three or more yards of each color.) If you are mixing colors, cut each color to the desired length and hold them together.

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