Friday, 26 February 2016

Young woman relieved after getting hair stuck in leaf blower while cleaning car

IT seemed like a good idea at the time, but a young Adelaide woman’s innovative approach to car cleaning has almost torn the hair from her head in a bizarre mishap.

Ebony Jayde, 24, took a powerful Ryobi leaf blower to the interior of her mother’s car at their Plympton Park driveway, but almost lost her scalp when her hair became stuck in the contraption.
“At the start I noticed it was sucking hair, I decided to yell out for my mother to come out,” she told The Advertiser.
“Eventually I found the off switch, but my hair was completely attached. It was really, really painful.”
Her mother, Linda, said that after several unsuccessful attempts at getting Ebony’s hair loose, she called the Metropolitan Fire Service who arrived at their Tarranna Ave home about 6.40pm and eventually got her daughter free.
Ebony said she was still a little “freaked” by the incident but was good-humoured enough to have a laugh at her own expense.

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