Wednesday, 24 February 2016

See how a lady used toilet paper to curl her hair.

ladies, are you seeing what i am seeing? i will definitely try this out. 
an ingenious method for curling hair that involves no heat, no water and no fancy equipment - in fact, all you need is a roll of toilet paper.

While most people only have one use for their bathroom tissue, blond blogger Nicole Skyes, from Sacramento, California, took the time to roll it out for another bathroom ritual and videoed her easy-to-follow tutorial as she did it.
In the quick clip, the 23-year-old begins by advising viewers to separate several strips of toilet paper that are between three and four sheets long. She adds that you can 'fold the strip in half' if you want 'thicker curls'. She then demonstrates how to wrap sections of hair around the toilet paper, before tying it in a knot, suggesting that beauty lovers need to proceed with caution when tying the paper at the root of the hair because it breaks very easily. 


Step 1: Rip off about four sheets of toilet paper from the roll and fold and twist all four connected sheets into a long vertical roll/twist or fold the connected sheets horizontally before rolling and twisting for bigger curls.
Step 2: Starting at the crown of your head, take a section of your hair (about one to two inches in width) and roll it around the toilet paper twist you made and hold it in place by knotting the twist in your hair.
Step 3: Then make more roll twists and continue around your whole head - wherever you want curls - and end at the tips.
Step 4: Sleep on it and unroll in the morning. 
Once that step is through, all that is left is to wait overnight for the hair to set, before removing the toilet paper the following morning.
Nicole told viewers that wearing the toilet paper in her hair was pretty comfortable - admitting that she even went outside to walk her dog with it in her hair. 
'It's like rag curlers back in the day before there were curling irons,' she explains.
After 'sleeping in comfort,' Nicole found that a few of her paper rollers had fallen out so she suggests pinning them in place before going to bed.
But even with that slight mishap, the results speak for themselves; as Nicole takes her hair out of the toilet paper, her locks fall into beautifully defined waves, and she quickly shares her excitement about the method with her viewers. 
'I've curled my hair with socks, I've curled my hair with a sock bun... And those curls were cool, they were alright, but nothing... I absolutely love this,' she gushes
source: dailymail

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