Tuesday, 23 February 2016

New boxer braids hair trend.

honestly i don't see any difference between boxer braids and cornrow. well i guess they decided to change the name.

Kim Kardashian has been wearing her hair in braids a lot lately, and while the style, which people are calling boxer braids on social media, looks great on her and has even become much more popular
since she started rocking them, is this really a new trend? Mtv published an article titled "How To Do Boxer Braids" on Friday, referring to the style as the "simple double Dutch braided style" that has been taking over Instagram the past few months with the hashtag #BoxerBraids. It then gave helpful step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the look and even posted photos of a few celebrities, including Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin and Zendaya, sporting the look.

While there's nothing wrong with the style and people wanting to copy the look, the article is sparking a lot of backlash from people who are quickly realizing that the braids are not a "new favorite" and simply an old classic: Cornrows. So are these "new" boxer braids, aka double Dutch braids, any different than cornrows or similar braid styles like French braids that have been around for decades? "The Dutch braid is the opposite of a French plait," hair stylist Marta Nunes explained to the Daily Mail. "You start the same by dividing the hair in two and starting with a triangular section at the hairline. You divide your triangle into three even pieces of hair. Here is where the difference begins. With a French plait you tuck strands of hair under the plait. With a Dutch braid you take it over; you reverse it so the braid is on the outside rather than on the inside

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