Saturday, 20 February 2016

Girl nearly drowns after her hair gets caught in filter

A six year old girl nearly drowned in a crowded hydrotherapy pool at a Spa Castle in Queens on Friday when she got her hair got caught in an underwater filter, sources said.
EMS responded to the call at the spa on 11th Avenue near 131st Street in College Point at around
1:45 p.m. and rushed the child to Booth Memorial Hospital in serious condition, according to FDNY sources.
The youngster had been under the water for several minutes before people in the pool area noticed that she was trapped.
“I was sitting near her, but it was crowded and I was just trying to get away from the crowd,” recalled Louisa Guzman, a 54-year-old who was in the hydrotherapy body jet pool on the second floor.
“I only noticed when I heard the commotion,” she said. “I heard a woman screaming, ‘just pull her out, pull her out.’ Apparently the little girl’s hair got caught in the jet and a man, another guest, saw her floating in the water. His wife was screaming ‘just pull her hair, she won’t feel it.’ Her hair was stuck, but he pulled her hair and put her on the deck.”
When the girl was plucked out of the pool — which is 2-feet, 8-inches deep and holds a maximum of 18 people — sources said she was blue and unresponsive.
“When i saw her little blue lips I was afraid,” Guzman said. “Another guest just ran up and started performing CPR.”
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