Monday, 22 February 2016

(video) Different weave closure patterns

one thing that gets some ladies worried is the pattern of closure their weaves should be. sometimes i spend so much time thinking of an exact pattern because i honestly dont like going to the salon only
to end up getting what i dint imagine on my hair. but when i am installing my weave myself, i dont go through that stress *big grin* anyway, i don't want you beautiful ladies to go through that stress anymore. i will attach a video below every image so you can watch how the patterns are and you can also show it to your hair stylist.

the pattern above is a full sew in round closure. it doesnt need any attached closure to it. it can also be installed with glue. to watch how to achieve this, click HERE

The pattern above is middle part leave out. it is achieved by leaving out some of your natural hair. (some ladies leave out much hair but to get a natural looking part, small leave out will be better). click HERE

Invisible closure with glue, this pattern of closure requires glue for the finishing. click HERE to watch how this is done.

invisible closure without glue... this requires sew in to finish the part. click HERE to watch

vixen sew in gives a very natural look. more pictures  below.

click HERE to watch

click HERE to watch how to finish your sew in with crotchet closure.

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