Saturday, 27 February 2016

Clinton's Answer to Natural Hair Question Not Enough for Voter

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Hillary Clinton has spent this week addressing issues ranging from her rhetoric on race to Queen Bey. 
At CNN's Democratic town hall on Tuesday night, Secretary Hillary Clinton faced questions about
women and systemic racism, but it was a question from an audience member about natural hair and Beyoncé that sparked a lively conversation. 
Kyla Gray, a young black female attending Columbia College, addressed a series of racial tensions in her question to Clinton, linking the Black Lives Matters movement and the overwhelmingly negative responses received by Beyoncé's politically-charged halftime performance. 
"I've noticed a difference in the way some people address and look at me," Gray said, since she began wearing her natural hair in the midst of recent racially-tinged events across the nation. The junior majoring in English and Literary Studies wanted to know how Clinton would mend the country's racial divisions. 
In the wake of things like Ferguson and Black Lives Matter and the recent backlash against Beyoncé and her "Formation" video, there have been a lot of racial tensions recently in our nation," Gray said. "So, my question to you is what do you intend to do to help fix racial relations in our nation?" 
Gray's questions instantly became a twitter moment, receiving responses from Donna Brazile and others praising the college student. 
Brazile tweeted, "Thank you Kyla. Be yourself. You're so beautiful and this is your turn to help lead us forward on race relations. #DemTownHall#CNN." 
Kyla tied Beyoncé, natural hair, & black lives matter all into her question in under 30 seconds. Go off. #DemTownHall." 
In her response, Clinton acknowledged the nation's systemic racism and her hopes to fix relations so that women like Gray could feel that they "have the right to wear your hair anyway you want." 
Having had a 'lot of different hair styles,' Clinton joked, 'I speak from some personal experience.'
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