Saturday, 23 January 2016


This post shows different polish celebrities and their hair styles.

Joanna Krupa, Polish beauty, who had huge success across the sea. In the USA she’s a famous model and
celebrity, and she came back to her native country to spread the love and “American spirit”. Her perfect English influenced her way of speaking in Polish, which is a topic of many jokes. She is respected because of her fierce fight against fur making and brutal treatment of animals of all kinds.

2)Kasia Tusk

The famous daughter of a famous father. Making life easier with her blog of this exact title – as a daughter of former Poland’s Prime Minister – she is hated by many fashion bloggers and loved by readers. Stepping from the “high seat”, she shows off her outfits, which are varieties of clothes from “shops for mortals” :) Considered as kind and well-educated, she is no troublemaker.

3)Patricia Kazadi

Patricia Kazadi – half Polish and half Congolese. It isn’t hard to notice her, because she is everywhere; every red carpet belongs to her. She mostly appears in TV – she plays in TV dramas and hosts various shows, like “You Can” or “X-Factor”. You can hear her in the radio as well – she released her debut album in May 2013.

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