Thursday, 21 January 2016


Hello everyone, yesterday I interviewed some people for this post and they were really excited to share their hair details. I must say the people I approached had really beautiful hair style/colour. so
lets get to meet them.

The lady above is Anush, her hair style in the picture is middle part, current hair colour is ombre (black and reddish brown) the hair product she uses is Macadamia and sometimes Vatika, her hair type is wavy, she recently did a blunt cut and it suits her wavy hair type a lot. An interesting thing about how she cares for her hair is she does Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP therapy) to achieve a healthy looking hair. Read more about it HERE.

This lady is Sara, her hairstyle is side part French braids, her hair colour is dark brown, hair type is straight, the hair product she uses are Nashi serum, Nashi conditioner and Dove shampoo. if you notice, there is a little band at the tip of the hair to prevent it from loosening.

Meet Yomna, her hair style is side part long hair, hair colour is Jet black, hair type is wavy the hair products she uses are L'oreal serum and Dove shampoo.

 The lady above is Maryam, she has a long dark hair, she uses L'oreal shampoo and her hair type is curly thin hair.

His name is Mani, hair colour is black, uses L'oreal hair products, his natural hair type is wavy, cuts his hair once in a month and his current haircut is quiff fade hair cut.

 meet Adel, his hair colour is black, uses L'oreal hair products, hair nature is wavy, cuts his hair about one to two times in a month, current hair cut is side part round cut.

This is Glen, her hair colour is black and blonde, she has her hair in a bun style, and she used keune hair colour.

Meet Zainab, she has a very interesting hair colour on, blonde and purple which is really unique and suits her a lot. her hair length is shoulder length and she used Keune hair colours.

i will like to share a close up view of my hair pattern (i made my hair myself). i used about 5 hours to make the hair well because i was always going on break, i used 2 hair extensions for braiding (attachment) and i cut it to be about 14 inches. the colours i used are 1 and 33. I made it in the form of big boxes and ofcourse, my fingers were extra sensitive to know if it is in that pattern or not.

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