Saturday, 30 January 2016


I have heard ladies say it is better to wash the hair everyday to prevent itchiness and all that but the write up below (not written by me) will explain why it is not so good to do so.

Normally, personal hygiene is a good thing and it is an acceptable standard of normal behavior. No one wants to smell awful whenever they get along with their friends and colleagues. There are just some things, on the other hand, that cannot be applied with such like brush. For instance, washing your hair daily, is it good or bad? Are there any benefits of not washing your hair daily? It is very surprising for a lot of people to not wash their hair daily. Though, this is not true for everyone, but you need to take a closer look at how not washing the hair daily can make the hair and scalp healthier.You might have heard about the relation of washing the hair daily with acne. Do you know that over washing your skin can actually cause acne? This is because the skin overworked and increases the production of oil that leads to oiliness. This is also the same with the scalp. After few weeks of not washing your hair daily, a lot of people report that it takes longer time for their hair to become oily. Though, during the first few weeks, a lot of them can say that they almost gave up, because they cannot manage their hair without washing it. But, given a time, the body adjusts to its usual schedule and this also goes the same way with the hair and skin.
When you wash your hair daily, the body produces a natural oil to keep the hair healthy. If you will wash this off often and apply new oil in the form of conditioner, then the scalp might react poorly to the chemicals than with the usual ones. The new chemicals you used may have synthetic formulas that can cause severe scalp dryness while making the hair smoother. This means that this short term effect may cause long term damage to the hair and to your scalp too. Washing daily can actually cause itchiness of the scalp and dandruff.
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