Saturday, 26 December 2015


I remembered not too long ago how trimming has helped my hair a lot (actually cutting the hair). I
struggle with 'stunted hair growth' for about ten years and i said you know what i am cutting this hair. I cut it really low and by the next year, my hair grew to the length of how it was for nine years and tried it again that year, cut my hair even lower and it grew longer than how it was for those nine years of stunted hair growth and i searched Google to see if there was any explanation, I saw that what i needed wasn't a low cut but a trim. Yea, some people may say trimming doesn't make the hair grow but well, what i did made my hair look healthy and longer *winks* anyway, I will share the importance of trimming and perhaps some people will benefit from it. Click HERE to read on the important of trimming 

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