Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Plopping your hair

So what is plopping? I am sure you have heard of how ladies 
‘dry curl’ their hair to perfection. This involves using your 
favourite hair product then plop with any cotton T-shirt most

 preferably long sleeves and you can also plop your weaves
-After washing your hair, add your product to damp hair
-detangle hair by combing
-lay out the cotton shirt on a flat surface
-flip your head upside down then gently lower your hair onto the shirt
-begin rolling the bottom of the shirt up toward your forehead then
 wrap it around the nape of your neck
-bring the top of the shirt up toward your head, wrapping around the
 rest of your hair and bringing the arms down and around the nape of your neck
-stand upright and bring the arms of the shirt up towards your forehead.
 Tie them together in a knot then tuck any loose corners into the knot
-once the hair is dry, unwrap your shirt and see your beautiful curls.
If you want to watch how to plop, follow the link 

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